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Maybe you want to use some of my work. Maybe you want me to edit some of yours. Maybe you want me to run a class or a workshop, come and perform for you or be your MC. Well, good on you. I’d like that.


Phone: +64 27 622 5075

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P.S. If you’re a bit not sure, here are some nice things that happy people have said about me:

“Thanks so much for all your help in making this event happen. It was a great success and the team here are stoked with how it all went. Everyone enjoyed it – so greatly appreciate the time, effort and organising this took.”

“Liz – You killed it! You were brilliant! I’m so glad we had you on our team and it was an absolute pleasure to work with you :)”

“Liz comes in to run poetic session with my kids and it is like Labrador puppies to the bacon sandwiches (like I said, she runs the poetry side). She gets the keen, the disinclined, the talented, the bored, the helpless, the wild, the scared, and the boys to write poetry. Poetry which challenges them, which is hard, which makes them think. And invariably turns out to be good. One student called it ‘… too hard to be boring.’ Too hard to be boring is success indeed. That’s why Liz does my specialist poetry workshops.”

“You were such a pleasure to work with, everything you are was everything needed. It wasn’t possible without you.”

“I am an occasional writer who enjoys those times I get to write. I am also messy, careless, and inconsiderate of my potential readers. The unplanned nature of my writing has plunged me headlong toward many deep holes. Most cave in. Liz Breslin has the good judgement and editorial acumen to sense my indiscretions and let me find possible structures to my work. Through Liz I have found that the characterisation of the key players in my stories comes through the voices I give them.”

“Gifted students from across NZ attended the 2013 New Zealand Association for Gifted Children Conference and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, not just from the students, but from the teachers who also joined in Liz’s sessions. Liz manages to capture each student where they are at and build from there. It is a very individualised approach that encourages quality and offers support along the writing journey. We were delighted to have Liz at our conference and hope she will join us again. Thanks Liz.”